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  • Airfreight Courier Transport Logistics


    Clearing & Forwarding

    Although we are based in Windhoek, our licences cover all points of entry be it road, air or sea into Namibia. We have a network of local agents ensuring that our service delivery promises are kept.

    Our wide experience extends to almost every type of commodity segment – general cargo, project cargo, bulk freight, precious cargo, and more. This is one of ACT’s core capabilities, and lends enormous strength to our integrated logistics services that cater to supply chain outsourcing needs.

    Our service offerings include:
    ? Import and export customs clearance (air, road and ocean)
    ? Technical assistance in valuation procedures
    ? Filing and cancellation of bonds
    ? Technical assistance for bonded warehousing and trucking
    ? Refund claims
    ? Representation and liaison with the Customs


    Latest News

    31 May 2017

    Namibia Export Levies

    We have been made aware of export levies that will...

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